About Esther

Ester - more than beautiful is an antidote to the anti-age wave. Opposition to the industry often impossible opportunities to grow younger, with all sorts of products that promise 'real youth'.

Esther's only 3 products can either be used alone or you use them with what you already have.

Since 2014 and long before that, I have been working with skincare. Since 1990 I was employed in the skincare industry for DermaNor AS - trained as a Cidesco cosmetologist and since then chairman of the Danish Cosmetology Association.

Traveled, seen and heard many varying 'skin care tips' - which have been told, most recently by the skincare industry, dermatologists, beauty bloggers, but also all the way back to Queen Esther's time.

My name is Karen Krogh - lives in North Jutland today.
In the past I have lived in southern France, California, Copenhagen and always been close to the sea, the city and the airport.

Esther - more than beautiful is inspired by Queen Esther from the Old Testament - The Book of Esther

The young Esther wins a beauty pageant and undergoes a twelve-month beauty course 'in oils and conditioners' before being deployed as a queen. She uses both head and heart and ends up helping save her people. She is brave, smart, dignified and beautiful. She is more than beautiful, and I see her and the story as a valuable role model here in our time.