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Esther - more than beautiful

Esther´s 3 products are all abundant for a healthy and good skin care, and can either be used alone or with your other skin care products. Raw, pure, natural ingredients have been used which can be combined with other skin care products. The choice of ingredients is especially the fine / light oils which give the skin natural moisture and care.
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About Karen - the owner of the Esther-more than beautiful series
My name is Karen Krogh, a trained Cidesco cosmetologist and is a former chairman of the Danish Cosmetology Association.
I have lived in the South of France, California, Copenhagen and always been close to the sea, the city and the airport.

Has worked in the skin care industry via DermaNor AS - Norway's largest supplier with a department in DK.

Have travelled, seen and heard many varied ´skin care tips´ - which have been told, most recently by the skin care industry, dermatologists, beauty bloggers, but also all the way back to Queen Esther’s time

Esther - more than beautiful is inspired by Queen Esther from the Old Testament - the Book of Esther

Don’t settle for “only” looking good - find your passion and mission with your life!

Esther could have chosen to ´satisfied´ with being queen. ´Enjoyed´ to look good, but instead uses both head and heart, and ends up helping to save his people. She is brave, wise, dignified, and beautiful. She is more than beautiful, and I see her and the narrative as a valuable ´role model´ here in our time.

Esther - more than beautiful - Established. 2014 - Esther 4:14

The story of Esther
The young Esther comes as a refugee to Susa, in the former Persia. The king has issued a beauty contest as he needs a new queen. From all over the country, young women enter the Castle of Susa, and they must undergo a twelve-month beauty treatment ´ in oils and conditioners before they can appear before the King and be elected the new Queen - his first Queen Vasti has just been deposed - as she does not obey the King.

In the castle of Susa, lives Mordecai, who is a Jew. He had been taken away from Jerusalem with the other Jewish exiles - including Esther, whom he was guarding when her parents died.

When the King's word and law were received, Esther was also brought to the King's Palace and came under supervision with all the other women in the King's Harem. Here they were immediately provided with their beauty treatment and catering. Esther had not told what people and what lineage she belonged to, for Mordecai had said she should not say it. He took good care of her, by being always near the Palace.
After the twelve months of beauty treatment, Esther was to appear before the King, just as all the other women were to appear.
Esther "aroused love," and the King fell in love with her. He put the royal tiara on her head and made her queen.

The good and the evil
Haman also dwelt in the castle, and the king promoted him to lead all his great men. All the king's courtiers kneeled before Haman, for the king had commanded, but Mordecai did not kneel. It filled Haman with anger, and he would not just lay hands on him, but it would go out on all his people and Haman would exterminate all the Jews.

Haman would give a lot of silver money to the King to be allowed, and by throwing lots, it was determined that in the twelfth month, the month of Adar, one could kill, rob, and plunder. Commandments were sent to all the provinces, issued by the King - and there was dismay in Susa.

Mordecai tore his clothes, went in sackcloth and ashes, screamed loudly and bitterly. Esther hears about it and is terrified. She sends him new clothes, but he will not accept them. Esther becomes acquainted with the whole story and he mentions the exact amount of money that Haman has promised to raise for the king's treasury by destroying the Jews.

Mordecai writes to Esther that she should go to the king to ask him for mercy and intercede for his people. Esther replied that any man or woman who comes uninvited to the king in the inner court is subject to only one law: death! Only if the king reaches out for his gold sceptre will he keep alive. But now for thirty days I have not been invited to the king!

Esther 4:14 - main paragraph
The answer back was harsh - and read: “Do not imagine that you, as the only one of the Jews, can save your life because you are in the king's palace. For if you really are silent in this situation, help and salvation will come to the Jews from elsewhere; but you and your ancestral home will perish. And who knows if it was not with a view to a situation like this that you achieved royal dignity? (Esther 4:14)

Esther then sent this answer: `Go and call together all the Jews who are in Susa, that you may fast for my sake; You must not eat or drink night or day for three days; in the same way me and my girls will fast too. Then I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. Should I die, let me die! `

On the 3rd day, Esther put on her royal robes and lined up in the inner courtyard. The king sat on his royal throne in the royal palace right next to the entrance to the palace. When the king now saw Queen Esther standing in the courtyard, she found favour in his sight. The king handed his gold sceptre, which he had in his hand, out to Esther and she stepped closer and touched the tip of the sceptre.

`What do you want Queen Esther? What is your wish? If it's half the kingdom, you'll get it. But Esther said, "If it pleases the king, today the king, together with Haman, will come to the feast I have prepared for him. The king said, "Immediately send for Haman, that it may be as Esther has said."

Strategy with heart and brain
Esther does not tell during this dinner what her mission is, but instead invites to another dinner the next day.

Haman is happy and content after dinner, but he sees Mordecai in the king's gate, and when he does not stand up for him, he becomes filled with anger and tells his wife about the course. She suggests he raise fifty-foot-tall gallows so he can have Mordecai hanged tomorrow.

Together night the king can not sleep, and he gave orders to retrieve the chronicle of memorable events. It turned out that there was written about Mordecai who had previously saved the king from two doorkeepers who wanted to lay hands on the king, and he asked: What honour and glory was shown to Mordecai in return? Nothing was done for him - they replied.

Haman had just entered the outer court to ask the King to have Mordecai hanged. But the king now asked him something else: What should be done for a man whom the king wishes to honour?

Haman thought it must be himself and replied: One should bring him a royal suit, which the king himself has worn, and a horse, which the king himself has ridden and he should be led across the town square to the honour and glory of all.

Honour and revelation
And the king said, make haste, and take the garment and the horse, and do as thou hast said unto Mordecai the Jew who sits at the king's gate. Haman did as was said, but afterwards hurried home in mourning. However, he is picked up immediately after Esther's 2nd dinner.

During dinner, the king asks Esther again - what is your wish? And here she bears for her life and for her people - for my people are sold to be exterminated, killed, and destroyed. The king exclaims: Who is he and where is he who has come up with the idea of doing so? And Esther answered, An adversary and an enemy, the wicked Haman.

Then Haman was seized with fear of the king and queen. The king rose in anger from the winepress and went out into the castle park, but Haman stood to pray for his life with Queen Esther. When the king returned, Haman lay over the couch where Esther was lying. Then said the king, wilt thou transgress also against the queen in this house where I am? When the king had said this, they covered Haman's face and one of the king's servants talked about the gallows that Haman had made for Mordecai - and the king said: Hang him in it!

The rescue of the people
On the same day, the king gave Haman's house to Queen Esther, and Mordecai was told in a meeting with the king how he was related to her. The king took his signet ring, which had been taken from Haman, and handed it over to Mordecai. Then Esther threw herself at the king's feet and begged to have the evil plan disarmed. The king asks Esther and Mordecai to write what they want to happen to their people.

The king has allowed the Jews in each city to gather and defend their lives. The ending is quite violent, where the Jews take revenge with a war and read possibly. Esther's book if you want to know it all.

The unique thing about the book of Esther is that God is not mentioned once. But one senses how intervention is made and my mission to use Esther as a role model in a skin care series, is that her courage, dignity, and wisdom prevail over her beauty.